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Ms. Sara Simonita Sackey

Social Services Coordinator


Ms. Sara Simonita Sackey is a compassionate Social Service professional committed to advocating for the less privileged. She has rich experience that cuts across the three main social work fields (policy, education and practice). Her skill set includes training, counseling qualitative research, group management and working with vulnerable population.

Prior to joining ID Ghana, Sara worked with a child welfare nonprofit organization where she successfully prepared and reintegrated street children into their families, managed a girls group home and headed a department that provided comprehensive services to children and their families.

With four years experience in academia as teaching and research assistant, she was involved in assisting with lectures and research, guided students in their research work, counseled and tutored students in various social work course subjects and worked on a number of research projects with lectures.

Sara joined ID Ghana management team in 2017 as the head of the social service department to coordinate the social services ID Ghana provides for partners and to safeguard against mission drift.

A university of Ghana Alumni, Sara graduated in Social Work with Psychology and proceeded to acquire an MPhil in Social work specializing in working with women, children and the aged.

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