ID Ghana offers three types of loans depending on the circumstance and capacity of its beneficiaries.

The main loan is Onipa Nua loan which is aimed towards the economic active that ordinarily will not have access to financial facility.

Next is the Kick Start loan, a social product with 0% interest to extend financial inclusion to the very poor and bring them along to a level where they can also take care of their families without being a burden to others. Finally, is the Front Desk loan for our market women ID Ghana’s vision is “to live in a community where the less privileged are empowered in achieving sustainable socio economic activity”. The institution’s mission is “to offer unique social and financial services to the less privileged to develop their own income generating activities in order to improve the living standard of their families”.

The Onipa Nua and Kick-start loans are community group methodology with individual responsibility and a compulsory bi-weekly training programme. The bi-weekly training meetings are held in the communities close to the partners.

Onipa Nua as a group methodology that does not require any guarantee or joint liability and therefore puts the emphasis on individual responsibility and positive group pressure to ensure successful repayment. It aims to be very inclusive of even the poorest, and also includes an extra emphasis on training during the bi-weekly group meetings.

While the front desk is a market area based methodology with individual responsibility but without group meetings or a compulsory training program.

Partners must have their trading activities located in the specified market where the product is available to access it.


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